Unit 27 – Fitness & Weight Loss Phuket

If you are a fitness fanatic or just looking for the next chapter in your weight loss and fitness training, look no further than Unit 27 – Fitness & Weight Loss Phuket. Unit 27 is a purpose built fitness and weight loss training facility in the heart of Phuket, Thailand and they only employ the absolute best CrossFit and Conditioning coaches, nothing else comes close to the level of training and service that Unit 27 provides!


Unit 27 – Strength & Conditioning Gym Phuket

Unit 27 is also more than just another Gym in Phuket. Unit 27 is specifically targeted to helping you achieve your weight loss and fitness goals by offering more than just training facilities and day time classes.

Unit 27 also offers, Personal Training with some of the best strength and conditioning coaches Thailand has to offer. All coaches are experienced masters in their own fields and are fully certified nutritionists, CrossFit coaches and personal trainers!

Unit 27 also has it’s very own Muscle Bar, a healthy eating restaurant that delivers on what it promises. Clean, healthy, freshly prepared super meals so that you can follow your nutrition plans to the letter!

Unit 27 also owns and operates Primal Fitness, a weight based training gym just down the road from Unit’s main facility. So when you have finished with your strength and conditioning courses there is always room to go smash out a heavy lifting session in the weights gym.

Unit 27 also owns and operates CrossFit Phuket, Phuket’s only CrossFit affiliated and legally licensed CrossFit gym!

They also sport outstanding customer service and quality of training classes. They are truly the best way for anyone, beginners, fitness junkies and sportsmen and women to reach the next level of feeling well, being healthy and kicking ass on daily basis.

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