Night Diving Phuket

Night Diving Phuket, a new website designed and built by A Plus Design. Fairly simple build and design all done in house, small backe-end admin system for adding dives and approving testimonials and confirming divers, loved the artwork for the title images much of it is un-edited, they have some very serious underwater photography going on.

Night Diving Phuket is simply a group of Phuket diving professionals who enjoy Night Diving and one day got together and decided that there needed to be a less ad-hoc and less on demand system for night diving there, so they created a series of schedueled special dives from certain special times of the Lunar calendar, like Full Moons, New Moons, Supers Moons, Micro Moons and funnily enough even Blue Moons. This way they could promote the night diving and get more and more people interested in the underwater world.

I learnt quite a lot building this web-site, as a diver myself it was great to learn that over half the animals that live on coral reefs are nocturnal, which means if you never dive at night, then you will only ever see half of what lives there. Plus my favorite ocean critter is the Octopus, again he is nocturnal so I will definitely be joining Night Diving Phuket for some nighttime scuba diving adventures!


Night Diving Phuket

Here is an excerpt from their about page to highlight the quality of service they offer when it comes to Night Diving in Phuket.

We are night divers

Join us to learn more about diving and the ocean at night.

We love to night dive, but, it is always more fun with a group of interested people, it also means more torches to light up the reef and find Octopi. Very few people realise just how much the ocean can change at night and we are only just beginning to understand the significance night time plays in the life of a reef system. That is why we love night diving, it puts us as divers into a whole new world of possibilities, excitement, fun and we want you to join us on our night time adventures.”

I know who I’ll be night diving with in Phuket.


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