Beardifulman – Beard Care Products

Let me ask you a question? Do you or someone you know have a problem with beard? If you said yes, then you are at risk of serious beard related problems and probably didn’t even know it. Help stop bearded men from causing beard rash, from itching, dry skin and looking like a shaved pussy, help get wild untamed man manes under control and help save innocent beards by discovering Beardifulman – Beard Oil, Balm & Wax ยท Beard Care Products Store!


Beardifulman – Beard Care Products

Actually, let me make a quick confession, this is actually one of my own personal projects, so technically I was never paid do any of this ! Just kidding, it was great fun to build ๐Ÿ™‚

This project all began when my beard started to itch, dry skin underneath caused by the beard absorbing all the natural moisture and oils from my skin can and does cause what we term Beardruff. This ‘condition’ I guess, sucks, you itch, you scratch and skin falls off your face getting stuck in your beard and making you look like a hobo!

A very nice lady I know then saw my problem and started making a locally sourced oil with a great scent and amazing healing properties for beards which she gave to me. This actually saved my beard, no kidding, after a week of use my skin went back to normal, no itching, no dryness, no redness, no beadruff.

So that one oil, evolved into a range of products, some are listed below for convenience.

There are other products to like Beard Balms and wax, but let me get back to the build story.

It was nice to not have anyone telling me to add flames to the logo or banners, it was even better not being told something won’t work because the person in charge had never done it before. So in this build I was free to explore my either creative genius, or maybe madness some might say, time will tell.

One of my favourite bits of the build was adding buy buttons to the main navigation items which led to products. I figured if you are a returning customer, why make things hard, you know the price already, you know the name and the story, just add it to the cart, minus all the searching and clicking!

Something else I liked was being able to write copy how I want to write copy. Not the same old boring stuffy crap that you read everywhere else, I wanted to have some fun, swear a little bit and communicate the way humans do in the real world. I want to build a relationship with my customers based off trust and a quality product, but I also want to let them know we are a real grass root start up in this area and real people who won’t cut the quality to turn a profit.

If you are interested in how the build looks and works, head on over to Beardifulman – Beard Care Shop and let me know what you think.


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