Aussie Divers Phuket – Best Scuba Diving Phuket

Looking for the most exceptional and highest quality scuba diving provider in probably all of South East Asia? Well look no further than Aussie Divers Phuket. Aussie Divers has been instrumental in improving the service level for customers for both on board and off boat diving related activities with a massive focus on customer service and safe diving practices, nothing else in Thailand even comes close.


Aussie Divers – Scuba Diving Phuket

This was a fun website to build actually, the owner was responsible for writing most of the content and I actually provided many of the title images from my own underwater photography samples. So there was not a huge headache toward the end of the project getting quality content to flesh out the website.

Aussie had actually been up and running for a couple years already online with an older website, placing fairly highly in Google, say about 5th and 6th positions. Which translated into 5 or 6 instructors working full time for them.

The new website quickly moved them into 1st, 2nd and 3rd spots for Phuket scuba diving related searches and exploded the business into needing another 4 full time instructors and a host of freelancers, turning Aussie Divers into one of Phuket’s busiest dive centers. Don’t let that fool you though, customer service is maintained no matter how busy and it’s a family vibe in their dive shops, on their dive boats or just hanging for a beer after with your guides and instructors.

Remember guys, you should always tip dive instructors, they work hard for not much money, if you are not a tipper, at least buy them a couple beers on the way home!

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