Alive 2 Dive – Professional Underwater Photography

Alive 2 Dive, a new website designed and built by A Plus Design. Basically a bunch of Professional scuba diving photographers wanted a way to sell their amazing photos long after their students had returned home and realised just how much they actually did want photos of their day diving after all. A common problem in the industry, when a scuba diving instructor informs students that they will have to pay for the days photos, is that the students either don’t want to pay for them or don’t have money handy on the boat. Later on when the divers realise just how little scuba diving professionals earn, coupled with the passion they bring to their work it seems redundant to hand over 25$ for high quality photography of your day, except, it’s too late you are already on the plane home.

Well enter Alive 2 Dive, the Instructors can upload a preview of the photos and you can purchase the entire package through PayPal anywhere in the world, then download or have them sent to you on a USB stick. Cool hey.


Alive 2 Dive

Alive 2 Dive also has this mission statement

“Alive 2 Dive will provide quality photographs of your day scuba diving, both underwater and on the boat. We promise to be relaxed, fun, energetic and passionate in our work. We believe in capturing those moments of each day and dive which are beautiful, exciting and stunning. Providing you with the opportunity to take those memories away and treasure them forever. ”

With that kind of company culture you know you are getting quality.


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